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LOVEKINTSUGI was created in 2010 when Matt discovered the craft while touring the world through Japan. He saw the beauty of philosophy in this imperfectly repaired craft, and at the same time, he found that this philosophical craft had a wide range of applications in life. So he created the brand in 2010 and optimised the traditional kintsugi process to make this philosophical beauty more accessible to the masses. Over the ten years of the brand's existence, LOVEKINTSUGI has helped tens of thousands of customers to repair broken objects and successfully preserve their precious memories, which has been widely recognised by the customers. With this simple and philosophical look and feel product, we hope to enable our customers to find perfection in imperfection.

Kintsugi (金修复), or Kintsukuroi (金繕い), is a high ceramic restoration technique that originated in Japan and is very much in line with the aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi. With the right technique and elegant design, it not only restores the broken original, but also adds another kind of unspeakable "beauty of fragmentation".


This traditional art is known in Japan as Kinsumi art, Japanese (金継ぎ), English Kintsugi (金隅), or Golden Repair in Chinese. It is a method of repairing broken ceramics with gold, silver or platinum. Legend has it that in the 15th century, a Japanese shogun sent his beloved broken tea bowl to China for restoration, and when the messenger brought the restored bowl back, the shogun was disappointed to find that the bowl had become very heavy with unsightly metal threads sewn into it.
According to this theory of restoration, Japanese craftsmen added their own aesthetics and came up with this better and more beautiful method of restoration. They did not seek to cover up the breaks and cracks, they made the "scars" blend in with the original and become a new work of art that transcends the original. Over time, Japanese ceramic collectors became so obsessed with the newly restored vessels that some even deliberately broke precious ceramics just to add the yellow seams of ceramic.