Q: Is this kit food grade?

A: Yes, this kit is our upgrade version. Our bio-glue is extracted from nuts, you can use bio-glue to fix your bowl and can be used after repairing.

Q: Is the plate can be used in dishwasher after repair?

A: Yes, only you repair your precious objects follow instruction we provice.

Q: Can I use this kit to fix my coffee cup?

A: Of course you can, and you can use the repaired cup to drink you coffee after the glue settled.

Q: Is there any different between this kit to other kit of your shop?

A: This bio-kintsugi kit is designed for repairing objects which used for food. All accessories are bio, food grade.

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Q: Would this work to fix a glass lamp bowl and would the heat of the lamp cause issues?

A: If the flame temperature exceeds 80°C, the solidified resin will soften again.

Q: How should the practice cups be broken?

A: Break it directly or lightly crack it with a hammer or drop them from about 8 inches onto a hard surface.

Q: Does it work with terracotta ?

A: i imagine it would work well with most types of pottery including terra cotta, as long as you are working with a clean break. and i bet the gold color against the terra cotta would look pretty, too.

A: Yes, and I believe the golden crack will let your terracotta become more attractive.

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Q: If I fix a bowl will I be able to eat out of it?

A: The kit is not food safe. It says this in the instructions on the page the kit is displayed.

Q: Will it work on turquoise? I have a bracelet where it's big honking turquoise stone has cracked.

A: I’m sure it can. It’s an epoxy and sets up pretty tough. Surface must be clean and with no oils though.

Q: Does it work on glass?

A: Yes, work like repair ceramic objects.

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Q: Is this adhesive food safe?

A: No, this kit just for artwork.

Q: Is it dishwasher safe after drying?

A: Yes, after drying, you can put it into the dishwasher. But after patching we do not recommend loading food.

Q: After repair, are items microwave safe if the original item is microwave safe?

A: If you get actual gold metal powder the metal will react to microwaves same as if you microwaved a bowl with a gold band on it. sparks.

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Q: Can you still drink from a cup after fixing?

A: No it is decorative use only.

Q: What ratio are you supposed to mix? Why do my mix just looks like gliters sprinkled on it rather than gold?

A: The mixing ratio depends on the size of the product that needs to be repaired. You can mix it in an appropriate amount first, don't mix too much at one time.

Q: Can I use this product for porcelain statues?

A: Yes, our kintsugi suit is designed to be used on ceramic products. In order to make it easier for you to use, we also prepared two cups for practice.

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Q: Is the finished product food safe? And can it be washed with dish soap?

A: Hello, This set of kintsugi repair set is not food grade and cannot be used as a plate for food after restoration.

Q: Hi, could you let me know the dimensions of the bowl? Thanks!

A: Hello, it is a small ceramic mug. Its diameter is 6.4cm/2.52inch and its height is 2.6cm/1.02inch. Thank you for your inquiry and wish you a happy shopping trip.

Q: I have just a crack in my ceramic pottery - not broken off. Can I use this to fill the crack?

A: Yes, we recommend that you fill the glue into the cracks after mixing the glue and before it solidifies. In addition, it is recommended that you practice with the provided teacup to master the speed of the glue setting.

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Q: How long does it take for the glue to set?

A: 4-5min, also it depends on the amount of the glue that you mixed, the larger the amount, the faster the solidification rate.

A: 4-5mins, then you should let them settle for 24hs.

Q: Will this be strong enough for a vintage lead crystal bowl?

A: Yes, of course it works.

Q: how many pots will this kit repair ?

A: It depends on the amount you use each time, the glue included in the kit is 25ml.

A: It depends on the number of edges / pieces you need to glue. I repaired two pieces ... one with about three "seams" to glue and a figurine of a horse with many areas to glue.

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