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Kintsugi Repair Kit, Repair Your Meaningful Pottery with Gold Powder Glue - Comes with Two Practice Ceramic Cups for Starter

  • 【EXCELLENT KIT】 MUFUN Kintsugi repair kit includes 2 bottles of gold powder, 2pcs beautiful ceramic cups for practicing, and 1pcs AB glue. Enough for you to get the skill of kintsugi, also you can use it to repair several meaningful potteries.
  • 【FOR STARTER】 We provide 2pcs practice ceramic cups, before you try the kintsugi on your treasures, you can break the cups which we provide and try to fix them with the skill of kintsugi. After several attempts, you will find that you have learned it. So enjoy the journey of your kintsugi.
  • 【PACKAGE】 Includes instruction, gold powder 20g, 2 practice ceramic cups, glue 25ml, gloves, mixing sticks, a container for mixing, and whatever you need in the process you repair your broken meaningful treasure.
  • 【KINTSUGI】 Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese craft! The essence of kintsugi is to repair, to calmly face defects and imperfections, and to abide by the yearning for beauty in his heart in the world of impermanence.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT】 Kintsukuroi repair kit is a good gift for your friend who loves crafting, you can learn kintsukuroi which is a traditional craft of japan with him, fixing the objects that represent your common memories, finding strength in imperfection.


Environmentally friendly materials, food grade mica powder, food grade kintsugi glue, useful accessories

Shipping & Returns

*Free shipping (14-20 days)

*Standard (6-8 days)


9.5*5.2*1.6 inches

Care Instructions

*Repaired porcelain should set naturally for 48 hours

*Any questions in the process of use can scan the QR code on the instructions to contact us

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Kintsukuroi is a Japanese art form in which breaks and repairs are treated as part of the object's history. Broken ceramics are carefully worked by craftsmen with a lacquer resin that is mixed with gold, silver or platinum powder. The repairs are visible, beautiful, and respect for the culture of the imperfect.

When we lose something that someone bought for us for a sentimental occasion, it’s like part of the memory fades with the loss of the item. While we will always have that image and that moment in our minds, losing objects of relevance to key moments in our life will always feel like a genuine blow to our ability to stay strong and healthy. However, solutions can often be sought.

kintsukuroi in Japanese is “golden joinery”. (Sometimes the process is called kintsugi, which means “golden repair”)